Seong Jong Yoo
I am a first year of CS Ph.D student at University of Maryland

Research Interests

  I am a first year of Ph.D student in Computer Science department at the University of Maryland. My broad research interests are solving real-world problems. To be specific, during my master’s period, I studied control theory and machine learning to handle non-linear characteristics of hardware, especially applying to magnetic bearings. After graduation, I was studying and researching a computer vision and graphics at AI research center, KIST. Over the past three years of researching at KIST to solve reconstruction of multiple broken potteries, I’ve developed a total system that is analogous with SfM(structure-from-motion) pipeline, achieving the state-of-the-art result(ICCV 21).
  Overall, I want to design a general-purpose system that can autonomously define and solve multi-disciplinary problems under any conditions, consequently improving our life quality. My research interests include the areas below.

  • Machine Learning
  • Robotics
  • Computer Vision and Graphics
  • Control Theory and Optimization


In my spare time I enjoy playing the violin, which I restarted to learn in 2019. While I am playing the violin, my emotions are synchronized with the music and I feel a sense of relief and fulfillment. I hope later on I can participate in an orchestra.

Since I was a high school student, I started to drink coffee which grew into a greater interest to learn how to make coffee myself. This can help reduce my stress and help organize my thinking before I return to work again. My life long goal is later roast coffee beans.